Oat β-glucan systematic review and meta-analysis

March 2021

A new systematic review and meta-analysis from our research team at INQUIS examined the effect of oat β-glucan on acute glucose and insulin responses. The authors conducted a dose response meta-analysis to determine the amount of oat β-glucan required to reduce postprandial glycemia. In 2011, the European Food and Safety Association stated that for clinically meaningful reductions in postprandial glycemia, 4g of oat β-glucan for every 30g of available carbohydrate was required. However, the authors found that at a high molecular weight, reductions in postprandial glycemia could be seen at a dose of 2.5-3g oat β-glucan per 30g of available carbohydrate.

“This was a comprehensive review of oat β-glucan’s effects on postprandial glycemia that included a meta-analysis, which weighs studies according to their variability,” says Dr. Andreea Zurbau, Research Associate at INQUIS and co-lead author of this study. “It also included a GRADE analysis, which allows us to assess our certainty in the available evidence. This SRMA showed that oat β-glucan can reduce postprandial glycemia at a lower dose than originally thought, if molecular weight is considered.”

“We were excited to work on a study with this high level of comprehensiveness and scientific quality, because it allows us to draw real-world conclusions which directly impact the food industry in their product formulation efforts,” says Jarvis Noronha, Clinical Research Coordinator at INQUIS and co-lead author of this study.

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