INQUIS Clinical Research, an ISO 9001 certified clinical research organization, is a leading provider of clinical nutrition research services to the food industry.  With renowned Senior Scientists, a strong foundation in scientific knowledge and expertise, fluency in Good Clinical Practice, and meticulous clinic and laboratory staff, we are an essential partner to the food industry.   We offer a complete spectrum of clinical research services to ensure you receive custom-designed services that cover every aspect of your research needs.



Glycaemic Index Testing was co-founded by Dr. Thomas Wolever and Judy Wolever to provide confidential research services geared at educating industry about the Glycemic Index (GI), promote the use of GI and develop low-GI food products.



To cope with increasing demand for research related to the GI and carbohydrate metabolism, additional partners were brought on and Glycemic Index Laboratories Inc was founded.



The company rebranded to INQUIS Clinical Research Ltd to expand the scope and breadth of research services offered.