Scientific Expertise

INQUIS offers a complete spectrum of clinical research services to structure all steps of your trial, including: protocol development, recruitment, trial execution, biological sample analysis, biostatistics, and manuscript preparation. You will receive a custom-designed program that covers every aspect of your needs.

Scientific Expertise
Protocol Development

With extensive experience designing protocols, the research team at INQUIS Clinical Research will ensure that your trial protocol is unique to your research objectives and designed to detect the targeted effect to be examined.  Using power analysis, the research team will determine the sample size needed to establish statistical significance and ensure that the study design is appropriate for your objectives.  At INQUIS Clinical Research, our senior scientists have PhDs in Nutritional Science, as well as hundreds publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals and are established, recognized experts in clinical nutrition research.  They will dedicate their knowledge and expertise to design a protocol that is tailored to your research objectives.


Ethics Board Submissions

At INQUIS Clinical Research, we have a thorough understanding of policies and practices that govern the decision-making processes of research ethics boards (REBs).  Our enhanced understanding of the kind of issues that researchers need to address as well as the criteria that are required in an ethics review process facilitate prompt ethics approvals with no delays.  Our skill at preparing Informed Consent Forms and other required study documents coupled with our familiarity with FDA and Health Canada regulations ensures prompt reviews so that your study progresses in a timely manner.



With an extensive database of volunteers and access to a wide variety of populations, INQUIS Clinical Research is able to efficiently recruit appropriate participants for your clinical trial.  Conveniently located in downtown Toronto, Canada, the 7th largest city in North America, boasting a multicultural population of 3 million people, we have access to a wide cross-section of the population.  Our established networks allow us to recruit your specific target population and ensure the success of your trial.


Trial Execution

It all comes down to the details.  With meticulous clinical staff well-versed in GCP guidelines, we ensure that your trial is executed in compliance with ICH GCP. With extensive experience developing CRFs and source documents, your clinical trial data will be collected and handled with quality checks to ensure data integrity. At INQUIS Clinical Research, we offer Electronic Data Capture (EDC) capabilities, as well as eSource options to support your trial.


Clinical Research Sites

Running trials at numerous research sites simultaneously can speed up the pace of enrollment in a clinical research study, as well as ensure a more diverse participant population.  In addition to our onsite state-of-the art clinic, INQUIS Clinical Research has experience coordinating multi-center trials and managing research sites. We are able to coordinate all the details, protocol training, data management, sample analysis, statistical analysis and monitoring to ensure that your trial succeeds.


Biological Sample Analysis

With an extensive in-house analytical laboratory and a wide network of colleagues in specialized analytical laboratories, as well as blood processing and long-term storage capabilities, we are equipped to handle all the needs of your clinical trial, with accuracy, timeliness, and tight control.


Biostatistics and Final Report

Ensuring that statistics are properly executed is crucial to the overall success of your clinical trial.  INQUIS Clinical Research is proud to have partnerships with leading statisticians to ensure all data analysis is done at the highest level. INQUIS Clinical Research clients will receive a comprehensive Final Report that includes interpretation of results and recommendations for future research based on study results and identified gaps in research.



Many of our clients choose to publish the results of their research.  INQUIS Clinical Research is pleased to provide manuscript preparation services when this is desired by the client.


SR&ED Preparation

INQUIS Clinical Research is able to assist with the preparation of SR&ED tax credits.  After many years of experience with this tax credit process, we are well-versed in the application guidelines and are able to provide guidance on how to qualify for this government tax credit for Canadian clients doing scientific research.