An Evolving Relationship with Food

January 2021

January is traditionally the season of fad diets, of lose-weight-fast gimmicks, and extreme eating resolutions that are often abandoned a few weeks later, due to their short-term nature and lack of sustainability.

This year, however, living through the COVID-19 pandemic, people are re-examining their relationship with food. What was once a time for short-term, extreme dieting has been replaced with intentional, sustainable, and thoughtful long-term decisions that people are making about their eating habits and their relationship with food in general. In 2020, people reported eating more home-cooked meals and more involvement in food preparation. This has created a deeper relationship with food and a more thoughtful one.

We at INQUIS are very excited about these new attitudes towards food. We have spent decades examining the relationship between food and health. The food industry’s preparedness to provide food products to help consumers reach their health goals inspires us. We are proud to play our part by providing clinical nutrition research services to support the food industry.