Continuous Glucose Monitoring

February 2023

Technological innovations enable people to be more involved in their personal health in many areas. Due to recent advances in the technology of continuous glucose monitoring, individuals are better informed about the postprandial effects of different foods on glucose levels. Unlike a typical blood glucose monitor, which provides a singular, current glucose reading, a continuous glucose monitor tracks blood glucose levels every few minutes, throughout the day and night. These monitors are being used by a wide range of people, in addition to those with diabetes. The broader application includes athletes, people following ketogenic diets, and others who are interested in their postprandial blood glucose levels. This information is sent to a smart phone to provide people with a more complete picture of their blood glucose control and feedback on the effects of food choices.

“With more knowledge of their glucose levels, consumers are empowered to make personalized decisions about food choices and meal timing to manage their postprandial glucose levels more effectively and more confidently,” says Dr. Alexandra Jenkins, Senior Scientist at INQUIS.

“This awareness has increased the demand for foods with more moderate glucose responses that will not cause spikes in blood glucose levels. Trials that examine postprandial glucose response, such as glycemic index determination, among others, identify foods with more moderate postprandial glucose response that are sought after by consumers who are focused on their glucose levels.”