Oat Beta-Glucan and Reduction of Glycemic Response

July 2022

Our team recently conducted a systematic review meta-analysis (SRMA) to determine the minimum dose of oat beta-glucan (OBG) required to reduce glycemic response.  Current European regulatory guidelines indicate that at least of 4 g oat beta-glucan per 30 g carbohydrate is required to reduce glycemic response. Our team’s SRMA found that the minimum dose depends on the molecular weight of the OBG. With high molecular weight OBG a reduction in glycemic response can be achieved with significantly less than 4 g per 30g carbohydrate. However, with medium or low molecular weight OBG, even 4 g may not be enough.

“After doing the meta-regression analysis, it was very apparent that a dose significantly lower than current guidelines can have a significant glucose-lowering effect. It appears that regulations hadn’t taken molecular weight into account. Molecular weight is clearly a critical piece of the puzzle with regards to the mechanism of effect for oat beta-glucan,” says Dr. Thomas Wolever, Principal Scientist and Medical Director at INQUIS. “Using oat beta-glucan with a high molecular weight will help ensure a significant effect in the food product.

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