Substantiating Health Claims

October 2022

Substantiating health claims has become an important priority. It is often the driver to undertake clinical research.

“Standards have changed with regards to marketing and claims,” says Dr. Alexandra Jenkins, Senior Scientist at INQUIS. “Rather than relying on indirect evidence of health benefits from ingredients, one now sees a shift towards a requirement for a higher level of evidence. In other words, direct clinical evidence that the health claim is valid for a particular formulation. This is prompting clients to undertake clinical research which specifically examines their food product or ingredient. This is beneficial for consumers, because they know the product itself has been studied and that the claims have been verified. It also assures companies that they are on firm ground legally with respects to these claims.”


“Trials conducted at INQUIS have been used to support claims on lowering cholesterol, promoting satiety, aiding weight loss, maintaining healthy blood glucose levels, or promoting gut health. Our research has also been used to support novel food applications for the FDA.”