Bioequivalency Study of Plant-Based Proteins

January 2020

A new study, conducted at INQUIS Clinical Research, compared the bioequivalency of plant-based protein blends and a whey protein isolate in healthy, resistance-trained men. After examining postprandial blood essential amino acid levels, it was determined that the 3 plant-based protein blends were not bioequivalent to the whey protein isolate, as measured by total incremental area under the curve of blood essential amino acid concentrations. However, the results of the trial did indicate that plant-based protein blends are safe and well-absorbed by the bloodstream with good efficiency.


Development of plant-based products by the food industry are an essential part of promoting the health of our planet. Conducting clinical trials to ensure these alternatives behave as hypothesized is crucial. We are proud to support our clients’ efforts in their product development by executing bioavailability and bioequivalency studies.


– Dr. Alexandra Jenkins, Director of Research at INQUIS Clinical Research

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