Cholesterol Lowering Effects of Oat Beta-Glucan

January 2022

New research from our team at INQUIS looked at the cholesterol-lowering effects of a beverage with a high molecular weight of oat beta-glucan. After examining results from close to 200 research participants, we found that, after daily consumption of the beverage for 1 month, LDL cholesterol levels and Framingham cardiovascular disease risk were both significantly reduced.

“The novel component of this study was that we were able to demonstrate effect of oat beta-glucan in a beverage form. Most previous studies demonstrating a significant LDL-lowering effect for oat beta-glucan looked at solid foods. Because of the viscous nature of oat beta-glucan, studies looking at beverages had lower molecular weights and usually failed to show effect. Because of new processing methods, the test product for this study had a high molecular weight and was still palatable for our participants to consume daily for 1 month. The large sample size for this study allowed us to detect significant effect across many health markers and see a robust and clear picture of the effects of high molecular weight oat beta-glucan,” says Dr. Thomas Wolever, Principal Scientist and Medical Director at INQUIS Clinical Research.


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