Measuring glucose response in low-carbohydrate foods

February 2022

Many years ago, we were approached by a client with a request to measure postprandial glucose responses to foods that were very low in available carbohydrate. As a result, we developed the Equivalent Glycemic Load (EGL), a method based on a dose response comparison using white bread as a control. The method was remarkably precise, able to detect the consumption of 1 gram of available carbohydrate. After examining results over years of conducting this measure, we determined that we were able to keep the high level of accuracy and precision using one dosage of the white bread control, resulting in significant cost savings for our clients.

“We have seen an increase in the volume of EGL testing we are doing lately,” says Dr. Thomas Wolever, Senior Scientist at INQUIS. “The EGL method is very useful for ingredients such as novel sweeteners and fibers where not enough is known about the availability of the carbohydrate, either alone or as mixed with other ingredients. It’s also appropriate for ketogenic foods that are very low in carbohydrates, to determine if they have the effect on glucose that they are marketed to have.”