Consumer interest in gut health continues to grow

April 2022

Consumer interest in gut health continues to grow as research demonstrates a wide range of potential benefits, including immunity, heart health, mood and sleep, as well as long term health markers.

“Microbiome research continues to dominate clinical nutrition research,” says Dr. Thomas Wolever, Principal Scientist and Medical Director at INQUIS. “Many companies are demonstrating the effects of their products on gut health, as new connections between gut health and various health markers are being made. Some of the microbiome trials that we have conducted at INQUIS have examined changes in microbiome composition after consumption of a test product, long term trials that examine health indicators with shifts in microbiome populations, and studies of the effects prebiotics and probiotics on microbiome populations. Gut health is an important factor in overall health and wellbeing, as people are increasingly engaged in attaining better health through diet and lifestyle choices.”