Effect of Soluble Viscous Fibre on Coronary Heart Disease

November 2020

A recent scientific journal article examined the effect of soluble viscous dietary fibre on coronary heart disease across 3 participant populations.  The authors found that in all three populations of healthy individuals, individuals with metabolic syndrome, and individuals with type 2 diabetes, supplementation of viscous fibre (from a konjac-based blend) resulted in reduced risk of coronary heart disease.  The reduction in risk was mostly caused by improvements in blood cholesterol and systolic blood pressure.

“Improving coronary heart disease risk factors is extremely important considering how many lives are affected by cardiovascular disease,” says Dr. Alexandra Jenkins, one of the study’s authors and Director of Research at INQUIS. “As we continue to uncover the mechanisms of action and various physiological pathways, we are able to provide people with knowledge and tools to take proactive steps to protect their health.”

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