Glycemic Index & Type 2 Diabetes Risk

September 2019

An international team of recognized scientists, including Dr. Thomas Wolever of INQUIS Clinical Research, collaborated on a research article examining the causal relation of dietary glycemic index and glycemic load on the risk of type 2 diabetes. Using the Bradford-Hill criteria to determine causality, the scientists concluded that dietary glycemic index and glycemic load are likely causal of type 2 diabetes and should be taken into consideration in the development of dietary recommendations and health prevention initiatives. 


“I was privileged to work with worldwide carbohydrate experts on this paper and I am very proud of the work we produced. This article is a robust, comprehensive, and rigorous examination of a complex relationship that can be challenging to quantify. Using the 9 established Bradford-Hill criteria, we were able to demonstrate that the relationship between GI and GL and type 2 diabetes is strong, consistent, and not confounded by other variables. This article clearly demonstrates that carbohydrate quality is very relevant as it relates to type 2 diabetes.”


– Dr. Thomas Wolever, President of INQUIS Clinical Research 

To read the article, click here.