Resistant Starch and Glucose and Insulin Response

July 2023

Many studies have shown that replacing available carbohydrate (avCHO) with resistant starch (RS) reduces glycemic responses, but this is not surprising since consuming less avCHO would lead to a lower glycemic response (GR). A more pertinent question is whether adding RS to avCHO will reduce GR.

Our team at INQUIS studied the effects of cross-linked phosphorylated RS4 wheat starch (Fibersym®) added to available carbohydrate on blood glucose and insulin responses in an acute, double-blind, randomized controlled clinical trial. We hypothesized that consuming RS for several days would stimulate colonic fermentation which in turn would reduce GR. We found that when cookies containing Fibersym® were consumed for 3 days before the test visit, postprandial glucose and insulin responses to test meals were reduced. This was achieved with no increase in gastrointestinal symptoms.

“This trial was interesting in that it had a novel design and was able to provide scientific evidence that the type of RS being studied was able to reduce glycemic and insulinemic responses. The results were used as part of a successful FDA submission to allow the product to be claimed as a source of dietary fibre.” says Dr. Thomas Wolever, Principal Scientist at INQUIS Clinical Research.

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