Supporting Product Claims

August 2023

The past several months have been busy for our team with travel, speaking engagements, trade show, and conference attendance and exhibiting for our team. Over the past 4 months, we’ve been at IFT (Institute of Food Technologists), DNSG (Diabetes and Nutrition Study Group), ASN Nutrition 2023, ICQC (International Carbohydrate Quality Consortium), and SupplySide West.

A common theme we’ve noticed throughout these events is the increased demand for scientific evidence for product claims. Coming on the heels of FTC’s April warning letters concerning product claim substantiation, it’s no surprise that there is increased interest in generating supporting evidence to substantiate product claims.

Generating evidence to support product claims requires careful planning. Strong expertise in protocol development ensures the trial is set up to generate solid substantiation for the desired claim.  We often recommend thinking backwards – what is the claim you wish to make about the product? Then, our team develops a protocol specific to that claim to ensure robust scientific data. We also ask our clients how they wish to share the results of the trial – through label claims, websites, presentations at scientific conferences, or by producing a manuscript for publication in a scientific journal.

“Engaging in a clinical trial is a big investment. Planning how the results will be used and how they will be communicated enables us to ensure the trial is set up for success and meets the client’s goals,” says Atarah Grysman, Managing Director at INQUIS Clinical Research.