Viscous Fiber and Weight Loss

August 2020

A new meta-analysis investigates the relationship between viscous fiber and body weight. The meta-analysis, which examines findings from 15 studies, demonstrates that viscous fiber supplementation has a significant effect on body weight and markers of adiposity (including Body Mass Index and body fat) in overweight populations at risk of developing cardiovascular disease. 


“This meta-analysis demonstrates that viscous fiber may be a factor in weight loss,” says Dr. Alexandra Jenkins, Director of Research at INQUIS and co-author on this paper, through her affiliation with St. Michael’s Hospital. “Many adults struggle with weight loss and issues related to adiposity throughout their lifetime. As such, the development of effective weight loss aids is a top priority for many companies, but they are notoriously difficult to find. This paper demonstrates that viscous fiber and products containing viscous fiber may be helpful in achieving modest weight loss.”



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